Database Information Sheet: Free Printable

I love all the different databases my library has.  But sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the information I need to manage them.


I created this printable so I could keep all the important information I need for each database in one place.


FREE UN-EDITABLE PDF (click on image)


Even if you don’t have trouble keeping all this information organized in your head or in the cloud, I suggest you keep a hard copy documented somewhere.  It may come in handy in the event that you need a long-term substitute or if you leave your job.  You will save your sub or successor several hours of work if you provide them with all this information on one piece of paper.


You can download your own copy of the printable by clicking here or on the image above. Please let me know if you have difficulty downloading or accessing the printable.


Update 11/22/13: Many readers contacted me and asked me for an edit-able PDF that allows you to type into my printable forms.  I have created an fillable form which allows for saving or printing, but I had to purchase Adobe Reader Pro in order to do so.   I used my own personal funds, so in order to help me re-coup the cost I’m now selling the editable version. This is a “Pay What You Want” item, so feel free to enter whatever price works for you ($1 minimum).

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Sell digital downloads on Selz

 Let me know what you think about the printable!  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Diana T. Carr

    Wish you could type or copy and paste into this document.

    • Deep Librarian

      Hi Diana, I just made a fillable PDF version available and I sent you the first copy! (Check your email). If anyone else wants the fillable PDF version, they can read the “Update” portion at the bottom of the post.